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Green Light Ray

Phillips Family


I grew up in a small town in Carmine, TX. So I know how to use a tractor, chainsaw or anything having to do with some good old hard work. Still as of this day I go to my hometown to visit my parents and maintain there property for them.
Phillips Trio Tree Service is a company my wife of 15 years and I came up with together. I wanted to start something I could be proud of and could pass on to my kids. So I started my own business in 2014 to be with my family more. When I started it was just me and my wife and 2 boys. That's where the Trio came into play us 3 guys. An now I have a beautiful family of 7! I can only give God they glory when it comes to my business. I truly believe in putting God first, being trust worthy and honest in my business. I guarantee the highest quality of care for you and your property at the best price.

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